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Marquee Wedding

Sheridan & Ben’s Enchanting Rocklea Farm Wedding: A Celebration of Modern Rustic Elegance

On a day marked by heartfelt moments and exuberant celebrations, Sheridan and Ben tied the knot at Rocklea Farm, surrounded by the bucolic charm and modern rustic elegance that perfectly encapsulated their personalities and love story. Their journey, from a serendipitous meeting in Portarlington to an emotive lakeside proposal, culminated in a wedding that was...

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Beth Cody56

Timeless Elegance at Rocklea Farm – The Intimate Elopement of Beth & Cody

In the serene setting of Rocklea Farm, Beth and Cody celebrated their love in an intimate elopement that was both elegant and timelessly beautiful. Their journey, from an online connection to an inseparable bond, culminated in a day that was uniquely theirs, filled with moments of pure joy and love. Beth and Cody’s story began...

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A Vibrant and Heartfelt Celebration – Briana & Liam’s Rocklea Farm Wedding

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Rocklea Farm, Briana and Liam’s wedding was a vibrant celebration of love, laughter, and lifelong commitment. Their journey to this joyous day began on a memorable night in November 2014, when a post-exam party crash turned into a fateful encounter, marked by shared birthdays and instant chemistry. Briana and...

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Rustic Cocktail Farm Wedding – The wedding of Madison & Daniel

A story of young love that started in friendship, Maddie + Daniel first met in 2009 when Maddie, a year 8 student moved to a new school where she met Daniel in their shared homeroom class. This love story took until 2017 for them to realise they were meant to be! Just 5 years later...

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