Timeless Elegance at Rocklea Farm – The Intimate Elopement of Beth & Cody

Beth Cody56

In the serene setting of Rocklea Farm, Beth and Cody celebrated their love in an intimate elopement that was both elegant and timelessly beautiful. Their journey, from an online connection to an inseparable bond, culminated in a day that was uniquely theirs, filled with moments of pure joy and love.

Beth and Cody’s story began unexpectedly on 27th September 2021. Despite her initial reluctance towards online dating, Beth decided to give it a chance during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and that’s where she found Cody. Their connection was instant, leading to a first meeting that quickly proved they were meant to be together. By the time they met for the second time, they both knew they had found ‘the one.’

Their engagement was a romantic affair at Moorabool Falls in Lal Lal, where Cody, amidst the natural beauty and seclusion of the waterfall, asked Beth to marry him. The moment was as perfect as it was spontaneous, setting the stage for their future together.

Planning their wedding was a swift and seamless process, reflecting their desire for simplicity and elegance. Engaged in November 2022 and choosing to elope in February 2023, they managed to organise their day with ease, thanks to the availability and excellent fit of their chosen venue, photographer, celebrant, and florist. Their wedding at Rocklea Farm was everything they had hoped for: beautiful, elegant, natural, and timeless.

Beth’s attire for the day was a stunning lace dress with an art-deco vintage vibe, found at Embrace Bridal Boutique in Geelong. The dress, a perfect match for Beth’s style and the wedding’s aesthetic, was a serendipitous find, especially since it was the last one available in her size and on sale.

The highlight of their wedding day was the heartfelt exchange of vows, a moment of deep commitment and love that defined the essence of their relationship. For Beth, the entire day was a favourite moment, encapsulating the perfection they experienced together.

Their wedding soundtrack was simple yet profoundly meaningful, with Stone Sour’s “Song #3” accompanying Beth down the aisle, symbolising their unique love story.

Beth’s advice to other couples planning their wedding is poignant and straightforward: do what you want and stay true to your desires. The day should reflect your love and what you value most, free from external influences.

The team that brought Beth and Cody’s day to life included Lea Duffy as their celebrant, Johnny Rollins capturing the moments through his lens, and Flair to make you Stare adding floral elegance. Heather Lipp provided the perfect touch with her hair and makeup skills, and Embrace Bridal ensured Beth looked stunning in her dress.

Beth and Cody’s elopement at Rocklea Farm was a testament to their love and the intimate, meaningful celebration they desired. Their day was not just an event but a genuine expression of their journey together, encapsulated in the timeless and natural setting of Rocklea Farm.

Rocklea Farm is honoured to have been part of Beth and Cody’s love story, providing the backdrop for a day that was as beautiful and unique as their love. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and love, just as timeless and elegant as their wedding day.


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