Perfect Micro Weddings at Rocklea Farm: A Guide to Your Ideal DIY Wedding Venue

Rustic Farm Wedding Venue

Dreaming of an intimate wedding that blends simplicity with elegance? Micro weddings at Rocklea Farm in Geelong offers the perfect solution. With flexible DIY options and a beautiful, natural setting, Rocklea Farm provides the ideal backdrop for your special day. This blog explores why Rocklea Farm is the ultimate venue for micro weddings, focusing on DIY options and the supportive environment that ensures your day is both personal and memorable.

1. DIY Wedding Venue Perfection: At Rocklea Farm, the spirit of DIY is alive and well, offering couples the unique opportunity to tailor their wedding day exactly as they envision. As a DIY wedding venue, Rocklea Farm allows you to choose your own suppliers, from caterers to decorators, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding reflects your personal style and budget. This level of customisation is not only empowering but also a fantastic way to manage costs without compromising on the quality and individuality of your wedding.

2. Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way: Understanding that the freedom to choose can come with its challenges, Rocklea Farm provides experienced event planners who are always just an email or call away. These professionals are dedicated to assisting you with every detail, offering guidance from selecting the right suppliers to finalizing the layout of your event space. This support is crucial, especially for couples who are new to wedding planning.

3. Intimate Settings for Memorable Moments: Rocklea Farm boasts several intimate and versatile event spaces that are ideal for micro weddings. Whether you choose the rustic charm of The Barn, the elegant simplicity of The Marquee, or the natural beauty of The Lawn, each setting provides a unique atmosphere that can be customised to suit your needs. The venue’s ability to adapt to different layouts and styles makes it an excellent choice for a micro wedding, where the focus is on sharing your day with close family and friends in a meaningful setting.

4. Comprehensive Day and Night Coordination: To ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly from start to finish, Rocklea Farm offers expert on-day and night coordination. This means that every transition, from the ceremony to the reception, is handled with care and precision. The coordinators at Rocklea are skilled in making sure that all elements of the day align perfectly, allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy the celebration without any stress.


Rocklea Farm is more than just a venue; it’s a place where micro weddings thrive against the backdrop of Geelong’s stunning landscapes. With its commitment to providing a flexible DIY approach and comprehensive support from experienced coordinators, Rocklea Farm stands out as the ideal choice for couples looking for an intimate, personalised wedding experience. Celebrate your love at Rocklea Farm, where every detail is crafted with care to ensure your micro wedding is as perfect as you’ve imagined.

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