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With our world being always flooded with outside input from social media, it is easy to follow trends. Some great, some not so great. Here are the best wedding trends we have seen this year in 2022!


Champaign Towers

A new favourite that can be a stand-alone celebration or replace your cake cutting.

A champaign tower has quickly become an addition to many weddings to celebrate their nuptials when they first get announced as Mr & Mrs.

While we don’t think this is something to replace your cake cutting, like many wedding planners might have you believe, we think it is a great stand-alone celebration to incorporate into your special day.

Alyssa & Eathan Rustic Rocklea Farm Cocktail Hour


First Looks

This is a love-it-or-hate-it trend, while we often see one part of a couple like this idea more than the other, they always seem to come to agreeance with what they want their first look to be like, before the ceremony or down the aisle.

This fastly growing pre-ceremony trend is as unique as the coupes that choose to do one.

Rocklea is not for or against this trend, as we believe it is a personal choice of the couple and comes completely down to how you want to share this intimate moment because let’s be honest, even with all your guests around you, we know that your only looking at one person!

Emily & Michael


Micro Weddings

As much as lockdowns were a bummer, Covid did bring some good things, and Micro Weddings have to be one of the best things in our opinion.

Micro Weddings are not just a good reason to bring your budget or guest list down but they are a great way to have an intimate ceremony and reception that is just as memorable as a full wedding, with just as many amazing photos. which brings me to the next trend:

Mowen & Li Rustic Farm Micro Wedding


Photo Books

With the growing number of couples that decided to elope or have an intimate micro wedding with just a close crowd, this wonderful idea of coffee table photo books has come out as a great wedding gift for those that are important to you that might not have made it to your short guest list.

An extravagant way to thank your immediate family and close friends no matter the size of your wedding. Or a great way to incorporate all your loved ones whether they couldn’t make it to your special day or if you only had 20 people at your ceremony.


Bright Florals

We love this one! well, we love most florals that come through our venue regardless of the chosen colour pallet. Bright florals have hit the wedding scene fast and hard, when you want to keep everything simple but want to make an impact this is the trend for you!

Georgia & Matt- Rocklea Farm Wedding


Late Night Snack

What’s the worst thing after a long night? still hungry! You want to ensure your guests are well fed over your night and depending on the length of your event and the number of guests you have the late-night snack is a great way to incorporate something a little more personal into a more traditional wedding or a cocktails style event. After all, who wouldn’t want a pizza or a cheeseburger toward the end of a party?

Pizza wedding venue Geelong

Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

We all love a statement for our wedding day, be it florals or bridesmaids’ dresses. We have seen all sorted through Rocklea Farm and our Favourites from couples who have come through our doors.

The honourable mentions we have for you are the Black bride’s maids, The Off-white bride’s maids and the different shades of bride’s maids! all uniquely different in their own way and all make for stunning photos.

DaveTegan Rocklea Farm Bridesmaids


Lolly Bars

An old but good trend, this one that was popular in the early 2000s has cycled back around quickly and for good reason. who doesn’t love lollies? It is a whimsical way to add not just colour but a bit of you to the party. This has the same energy as a Donut Wall and we love it all the same!


Party Dress

One of our all-time favourites is a good party dress! We hope this trend never goes anywhere! Nothing beats a good Party Dress change at your wedding! It is the surprise that keeps giving!

After all who wouldn’t want to be able to get low in a comfortable outfit that allows you to have a second introduction and the ability to dance the night away in comfort?

Becky & Yoga


Rocklea Farm Stonehaven has loved these top trends of 2022, we have seen it all, from ones that don’t work into our couples’ nights and ones that do!

With 105 weddings this year so far, you can trust us when we say a trend is a good or bad idea.

Happy Planning xx

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